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The Sensitivity

Reader Podcast

Season 2 out now!

What's the show about? 

On the Sensitivity Reader Podcast we discuss the craft, business, and necessity of diverse stories in research, literature, and other media.

Who is this podcast for?

If you are a writer, reader, editor, researcher, literary agent, fellow sensitivity reader, or someone else who values authentic and respectful portrayals of marginalized communities, then this podcast is for you!

Listen right here or on Apple Podcasts / Itunes, Google Play, or Spotify

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What can you expect from the episodes?

Each episode of the Sensitivity Reader Podcast will cover one of four themes:

  1. Business Insights: Marketing your stuff, etiquette when hiring a sensitivity reader,  and interviews with authors and editors who have used sensitivity reading services with a focus on how the experience impacted their work. 

  2. Identity Insights: Interviews with people of different identities about media portrayals of their communities- both looking at what is currently out there and what they imagine the future might look like. 

  3. Genre Insights: An opportunity to dig into the state of representation in various genres. Mostly these episodes will feature interviews with experts in a genre who will discuss the good, bad, and the ugly of media representation in a particular genre or medium. ​

  4. Craft Insights: Writing tips and tools to help you connect more authentically with your audience when writing characters or themes with marginalized identities.

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