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The Inqueery Story


Writing the Other

From their website: "At Writing the Other, we believe that representation is fundamental to writing great fictional narratives found in short stories and novels, tabletop roleplaying games and video games, comics and graphic novels, short films and feature length movies. Our organization was founded on this principle, building off of the book Writing the Other: A Practical Approach, to welcome subject matter and cultural experts willing to share their expertise in a class environment."

The Word: A Storytelling Sanctuary

Mission: "To promote voices from underserved communities and diverse backgrounds, to honor the stories of those who have faced adversity and injustice, and to provide a sanctuary space where these groups will see themselves in literature." The Word sponsors the biannual [margins.] literary conference and festival was created in 2020, in response to the request from our community. The first of its kind, [margins.] is a conference, bookfair, and literary festival.

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