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All lengths of fiction, nonfiction, and/or research projects related to: 
Mental Illnesses
  • Trauma / (Complex) PTSD 

  • ADHD

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Transgender / Non-binary

  • Queer

  • Bisexual / Pansexual

  • Asexual Spectrum

Interpersonal Violence
  • Sexual Assault / Harassment

  • Domestic Violence / Neglect

  • Emotional Abuse 

Have another group in mind? Some of my experiences and identities are not listed above.

How it Works

How it works
Preliminary Phase: 
Start by sending me a message 
Here is what I will need from you:
  1. A brief project summary including
    • Word count
    • Genre
    • The writing stage you are currently in; i.e. accepted for publication, early draft, etc.
    • Timeline expectations for your sensitivity read
  2. Information about what you are looking for from a sensitivity reader 
  3. Any  questions you have for me and /or anything else you feel like I should know upfront about your project
I will reply to you with a quote. If you accept, then the exciting part begins!

Send Over

  • Manuscript

  • Questions & Goals

  • First Payment




  • Big picture issues and strengths




  • New questions

  • Schedule our Consultation Meeting



Deep Dive

  • Detailed in-text comments

  • Summary of notes with quotes and page numbers




  • One hour consultation over video, phone, or another medium that works for you 



Future Drafts

  • 3rd + Read(s)

  • 2nd + Consultation Meeting(s)









Pricing Structure


My project minimum is $50. ​I quote rates according to project length and depth.*

For Novels / Memoir, I charge $0.025 per word (about $10/ single-spaced page)

Example: Let’s say you want me to read your 70,000 word Young Adult novel. Assuming you want my standard service package you can expect to pay  $1750

Book Sections, Short Stories, Early Draft / Developmental Services:  In each of these cases, I charge $35/ hour except in some circumstances when rates may vary due to the volume or unique work requested.

Non-fiction Research Projects: $35 / hour in most circumstances.

Sliding Scale: It is incredibly important to me that my services are financially accessible to other marginalized people. Let’s discuss your situation and see if we can come to an agreement!

Additional Services and Customization

  1. Upgrading consultations video chat or other mediums

  2. Follow up consultations after revision

  3. Including research on specific issues or ideas in the Summary Report

  4. Expedited project timelines

  5. Helping connect you with other people who you can interview to improve your portrayals of an experience. (Note that you will be expected to pay interview subjects for their time.)

*In the spirit of transparency, I want you to know that I  used the following considerations when determining how much to charge for my services:

  • Time and Resources required (I average 30 hours of work for novel-length projects). 

  • My experience level

  • Advice from other literary professionals

  • Solidarity with fellow Sensitivity Readers and the importance of not diluting the monetary value of this specialized literary service that was designed to put monetary resources into the hands of marginalized people

  • Cost of living (A standard factor when determining pay rate across industries)


Payment Schedule:

Payments are made in two installments:**

  1. The first 50% of the payment is due at the start of our work together.

  2. After I have completed the project, I will reach out to you and request the remaining 50% of the total payment. When I receive you second payment, I will send you the Summary Report and we can proceed with our meeting.

**When paying by the hour:

A projection of the total number of expected work hours will be used to determine the initial payment. For the second payment, the number of projected hours will be compared to the actual number of hours worked in order to determine the remaining amount due.


Example: Let's say you send me 2 short stories in a collection and I  estimate that it will take me 10 hours to complete the project:

  • Your First payment = 10 estimated hours to be worked x a $35 hourly rate

= an estimated total project fee of $350 / 2 payments = $175 paid up front

  • Your Second payment= 8 Actual hours worked x a $35 hourly rate

= an actual total project fee of $280- the $175 first payment = $105 paid at project completion


*This pricing structure is meant to serve as a guide only. Some projects will require more or less work than others. You can expect me to be upfront about my terms and you have the right to seek another sensitivity reader if my services and rates are not a good fit for you. I reserve the right to alter my pricing structure at any time outside of a signed contract agreement between relevant parties.

Payment Schedule
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